Placing a rug in any space takes a little consideration. A rug can be an incredibly impactful design element, and should compliment and work cohesively with your furnishing, finishes, and décor. And while there are no hard and fast rules as to where to place your new rug, there are some helpful guidelines when it comes to choosing the right size.

It’s important to measure out the space in which you plan to place your rug. What are the maximum dimensions the space can handle? Will the rug be placed partially under furniture? How much of the design will show within the open floor space? Answering these questions can help you to determine how the design will appear in your particular space.

The rug sizes we show below are based on standard XPLR measurements and are meant to help you visualize the overall look of your new rug once installed. If these standard measurements aren’t right for your space, our design team is available for special orders and to work with you on the precise size, details, and colors you need. Customizing solutions to your particular conditions is our specialty. Just reach out to us at and we will happily provide a custom quote for your perfect design solution.



Living Room Sizing

Living rooms are often ideal areas in which to add an area rug. No matter the scale of the room itself, a special rug can help soften the space while differentiating it from the surrounding and offering sound absorption. We always suggest that you select a larger rug when it will be placed with multiple pieces of furniture like a sofa, chair, and coffee table collection. A good rule of thumb is to make the widest part of the rug at least as wide as the largest piece of accompanying furniture. If you are adding a rug to a smaller area within a larger room, a smaller size or a circular formation rug can carve out a special space and define the separate area.

Dining Room Sizing

We love the placement of an area rug under a dining set. It’s such a popular option to add comfort, improved acoustics, and character to your dining space. It’s important that you choose a size that’s large enough to accommodate the back legs of your dining chairs or benches when they’re pushed back from the table for seating. If you add about 40” on each side to your dining table size, you should have adequate space for the chairs.

Kitchen Sizing

You can refer to the above guidelines for dining sets in kitchen, and note that runner rugs are also a great addition. Long, narrow runners can help soften and define a food preparation or counter bar area and more traditional rug shapes and sizes be used as an element to visually separate a cooking or prep space from a dining space.

Bedroom Sizing

The comfort of the right area rug in a bedroom can’t be overstated. Many of our rugs are ideal for placing at the foot of the bed, allowing an area for stretching or relaxing. Adding a bed bench on top of the rug can create a cozy place for dressing as well. Another good approach is using rug runners on both sides of the bed, or adding a rug in another area of the room to give the area its own identity.

Entry, Corridor, and Stair Sizing

For entries and corridors, make sure you account for door clearances when you are measuring for size. For corridors where doors open outwards, you may consider adding several small runners to allow for clearances while still softening the space. When it comes to stairs, you may find that custom dimensions will work best if one of our standard sizes does not fit the bill. Be sure to consider whether or not you’d like to rug to extend onto any landings as well.

Bathroom Sizing

Depending on the layout of your bathroom, a rug can be a great design element. They can be used in front of vanities, separate wet areas, or mark a transition from one space to another.

Outdoor Space Sizing

Our outdoor rugs are great for adding luxury and softness to patios, terraces, pool decks, or other outdoor spaces. The sun and weather resistant Sunbrella yarn construction will keep them colorful, comfortable, and durable. The right rug can go a long way towards bringing color, personality, and glamour to these areas. For seating and dining groups, you can follow the same sizing guidelines as for living rooms and dining rooms for outdoor seating. For lounging areas, your ideal size should take into account the various outdoor activities that you plan to host.

Office Space Sizing

Our rugs certainly aren’t limited to residential placement and can really go almost anywhere you can image. In work environments, their sound dampening and insulating qualities are particularly helpful. They can be used in meeting rooms, under desks, or to differentiate waiting areas or areas meant for breaks and relaxation.


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